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Egypt Travel Tips

You are recommended to to obtain Egyptian money  on arrival as exchange rates in Egypt are generally much better then in the USA or UK. Most hotels in Egypt have bank Facilities and there are plenty of ATMs as well as banks at the airport .
Small change for tipping is hard to come by - even for Egyptians - so you may want to bring some dollars bills as well, just in case. 
You should avoid any tipping in non Egyptian coins - Egyptians find it very hard to change them.

Bank cards :
Some passengers have experienced difficulty when using their bank cards in Egypt and therefore it is imperative that you notify your bank before travel . A cash float equivalent to 30 $ per person per day should be so sufficient to cover you for soft drinks away from the hotel, light lunch and dinner where not included, personal shopping and of course any ad hoc tips.

Shopping :
Should you wish to purchase souvenirs away from the street vendors, just ask your guide to organize a shopping trip one afternoon or evening when there is nothing else planned.
There are a lot of things you can buy such as ( Papyrus paper paintings, Egyptian cotton products, Perfume essences & other touristy stuff ).

Medical matters :
Mots problems with health in Egypt are caused by simple things and are generally nothing to do with bad food. The following advice holds :
1- Always  wear a hat when on excursions the sun is very strong and the breeze can lull you into a false sense of security.
2- When coming in from an excursion do not consume ice cold drinks for at least twisty minutes as this will give your body time to re-adjust to the air conditioned temperatures. Take a luk-warm drink, room temperature water or perhaps a soft drink with no ice. Your stomach may strenuously object to rapid changes of temperature .
3- Drink lots of bottled water. Be sure to take plenty on long excursions .
4- After being out and about, remember to wash your hands before eating. We strongly recommend the frequent use of antiseptic gels to keep hands clean.
5- If it does all go horribly wrong contact either your guide or the hotel receptionist for medical attention. For minor discomfort the local pharmacies will be able to help . 
The saying ( local drugs for local bugs ) holds well in Egypt .

Visas :
A visa is required for entry into Egypt but this is easy to obtain on arrival simply purchase a stamp at one of the banks just 20 yards or so before the immigration / passport control barrier . Please ensure that you have US $ 15 to cover this expense .
If you have a problem, Let's Tour Egypt operates to the highest standards . However, if there is some aspect of your accommodation, food or transport which you are not entirely happy with then please let us  know straight away. Of we can identify a problem early enough Then we can ensure that action is taken to rectify it immediately.
Complaints on matters not raised during the holiday will not entertained afterwords as the chance to correct the problem has, by that point, passed.

Useful things to bring :
1- Comfortable walking shoes ( open toes sandals not recommended )
2- A camera with plenty of spare batteries and memory. Please note that currently no photography is allowed inside any tomb or museum . Your guide will keep you informed at each site as this is rather randomly enforced .
3-  A wide - brimmed hat and sunglasses.
4- A good pullover ( the evening can be chilly ).
5- Sun-cream, sun block and lip salve.
6- A set of binoculars, if you have them, and a torch.
7- A small rucksack or equivalent for carrying water.
8- A notebook and pen are very useful to remind you of sightseeing name, etc. when you come to look at your pictures.
9 -  A happy smile and open mind.

Tipping :
We carries out a great deal of background tipping on behalf of its clients throughout all tours. This includes luggage handlers, restaurant staff and cleaning staff, as well as the myriad others who work hard behind the scenes. However it is customary in Egypt to give a personal gratuity whenever and wherever possible. All Egyptians who can afford to tip do so constantly !

  • For your driver, a tip of up to LE 50 = 3 $ per person per day would be about right. You can give this to the driver when he finishes his a allocated days Your guide will let you know when that is - rather than every day. 
  • It's always nice to leave LE 50/ 100 = 3 / 6 $ per night in the hotel room when you leave as a thank you to the room cleaners .
  • It is usual to give your guide a tip personally . This might be around  LE 100 =  6 $ per day per person at the end of the tour. 
( Of course all the tipping is at your discretion ), these are only indications of what previous tourists have done.

The best way to see many of the sites in the Middle East is to be there in the first part of the day. This avoids hoards of less committed tourists, as well as the heat, and also provides the best light of the day for photography. This can mean some rather early starts but don't be alarmed - you will see the benefits 

Change of plan :
Anyone who has been to Egypt before will know that the most carefully laid plans sometimes have to be changed from time to time owing to local circumstances. At the time of printing we believe that, for example all the sites listed in your itinerary are open. However, this may change . At all times we will endeavor to keep you fully informed but we do need to stress that LET'S TOUR EGYPT  cannot be held responsible for restricted access imposed by the local authorities or changes that may need to be made on account of transport schedules. We ask for your forbearance and sense of Zen-Like calmness.

Travel in the Middle East requires patience, understanding and sense of humor throughout.

Have a wonderful time. 
Egyptologist & Travel Director
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