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Public Tours, Private Tours, Prospector Passes

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Public Tours, Private Tours, Prospector Passes

Public tours are regularly scheduled throughout the year. Most tours begin in the morning (times may vary) and lasts as long as you like for the remainder of the day. All participants will view the drilling and blasting of fresh rock in our quarry from a safe distance. Once the all clear is given, tour participants will have exclusive and complete access to the freshly blasted rock. We provide hand tools and support staff with power tools to assist in splitting and breaking down the rock exposing Utah topaz gemstones. Each tour has a limited number of spaces, so be sure to book your tour early.


Private Tours may be booked any day of the year except on previously scheduled public tour dates, Sunday's, and major US Holidays. Private tours are for one to eight persons of your choosing and provide the same support staff and exclusive access to newly exposed gemstones.


Prospector passes are available on days when no public or private tours are scheduled. There are single day or weekend passes, and youth and family passes. While we do not provide freshly blasted rock or provide any staff support, you are able to prospect through the rubble to find gemstones previously overlooked.


Youth ages 7 - 13 must be supervised and working with an adult while in the quarry. Children 6 years or younger are not allowed directly in our quarry. The quarry is sloped and rocky, a good hiking boot is recommended.

let's tour egypt

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Tourism is the most important sources of national income in Egypt and the Egyptian people, accustomed to the presence of tourists in their midst since antiquity. Featuring Egypt abundance of tourist attractions of all kinds, because of the abundance of temples and Pharaonic monuments that have been take care of it and invested to tourist attraction, is also available tourism infrastructure, which includes five-star hotels, tourist villages and tourist agencies and offices, aviation, and is the accumulation of tourism in general in Cairo and Alexandria and the Red Sea Governorate, Hurghada and Sinai, especially South Sinai in Sharm el-Sheikh, Dahab and Nuweiba where sports sport diving that attracts tourists from around the world and especially from Germany and Italy from the fans of this type of sports, as Egypt is characterized by its proximity Ali Alalhaab rare reefs in the Red Sea and fish species for which the festivals and competitions fishing yacht, which comes to fishing enthusiasts of Egyptians and foreigners.

1 tourist attractions in the area of Greater Cairo

Pyramids of Giza

Djizho Pyramids of Egypt Pyramids of Giza Plateau is located in Giza, Egypt on the west bank of the River Nile, built by some 25 centuries BC, about 2480 to 2550 BC. M, which is about three pyramids are Khufu, Khafre and Menkaure.

– Egyptian Museum

Egyptian Museum in Cairo. Contains the largest collection of ancient Egyptian monuments, and competed the British Museum and the Louvre and the Metropolitan Museum (New York). Lies and the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir Square in the heart of Cairo since 1906, contains a museum exhibit on the impact of the Pharaonic 136 thousand, in addition to hundreds of thousands of effects found in warehouses.

Pyramid of Saqqara in Badrasheen

Pyramid of Saqqara royal tomb in history built between 2737 BC. M –2 717 BC. M. Located in South Saqqara, Giza at a distance of a mile from the cliff Saqqara.

Originally designed for the burial of Pharaoh Djoser by the Minister Amahotb in the form of six terraces above the tunnel descends to the burial site, the pyramid has gone through six changes in the scheme before the completion of its present form.

Cairo Tower

Cairo Tower was built between 1956 – 1961 of reinforced concrete on the design of the Egyptian lotus flower, and is located in the heart of Cairo on the Nile island of Zamalek.

Height of up to 187 meters and is higher than the Great Pyramid in Giza, about 43 meters.

There is at the top of the Cairo Tower restaurant on the tourist platform manned rotary spin parameters of the restaurant to see Cairo from all sides.

Khan el-Khalili, Cairo Fatimid

Khan al-Khalili is one of the oldest markets in the Middle, a little over the age of 600 years, and the original architecture still remains on the case since the Mamluk era until now. Immigrated to him a large number of dealers in the city of Hebron, Palestinian and Sknoh and now has the community of the people of Hebron live by the works to trade and to them is attributed Khan el-Khalili in Cairo and has been called by that name because of its founder and is a Mamluk princes and was named Yarkas-Khalili, a city of Hebron.

Al-Azhar Park

Created Al-Azhar Park on an area of 30 hectares, by the imam of the Muslim community Ismailia Karim Shah Husseini (Aga Khan IV), after deciding to courtesy park to the city of Cairo in 1984, based on the belief of the Islamic that we are all responsible for the creation the Creator, therefore we must leave the earth a place better, made the decision at a conference 1984 “developing capital: keeping pace with the growth of civil Cairo.”

The Pharaonic Village:

When you enter the village you think you went back thousands of years .. Society is that you live